Nell the Convertible


“It was as if we had brought a family member back to life” When you’re restoring a car from the 1960s, it can help if you’re involved in a business that produces jump-starting... READ MORE

Meet Mary – Reborn


This is Mary, She is a 1960 2door saloon in Porcelain Green that had been taken off the road and stuck in the corner of a garage since 1994; Until I came along... READ MORE

The Lotus Morris Minor Pick Up


In the past I’ve had quite a varied interest in classic cars and modified vehicles. Classic interest has included a Sunbeam Alpine, Triumphs and Jaguars, while modified vehicles have been Morris Minors and... READ MORE

The Story of a Dutch Traveller


Before I tell you the story of my Woody and why, or how I bought my little gem, I have to confess something: I am an Anglomaniac beyond recovery. This very innocent “disease”... READ MORE